Karen H. Morris
Board of Directors, General Federation of Women's Clubs
Karen H. Morris, Board of Directors, General Federation of Women's Clubs

Karen H. Morris is a volunteer on the board of directors of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, a nonprofit organization that provides community services including support of the arts, preservation of natural resources, advancement of education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and encouragement of civic involvement. The General Federation of Women's Clubs is an international women's organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

GFWC's roots can be traced back to 1868 when Jane Cunningham Croly, a professional New York journalist who wrote under the pen name of Jennie June, attempted to attend a dinner at an all-male press club honoring British novelist Charles Dickens. Croly was denied admittance based upon her gender, and, in response, she formed a club for women. She chose the name Sorosis, a Greek word meaning 'an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits.'

In 1890, Jane Croly, the founder of Sorosis, extended an invitation to women's clubs throughout the United States to attend a ratification convention in New York City. Sixty-three clubs attended the convention, and they took action to form the General Federation of Women's Clubs.  In October of 2013, Mrs. Morris received the Jennie June Award for New York State. Only one woman from each state is chosen for the prestigious award.

Mrs. Morris has been a member of Beta Sigma Phi since 1972, and she is in the process of hosting an event in 2017 in Syracuse, New York. She is now the Co-President of the Syracuse Women's Federation Club. In her position within the organization, Mrs. Morris teaches training classes to other women. Mrs. Morris is now the head of communications and PR for the federation from 2014-2016.

If you are interested in learning more about Karen H. Morris, please contact her.

Karen H. Morris
Volunteer, Board of Directors
General Federation of Women's Clubs
Co-President, Syracuse Women's Federation Club
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